Have a wonderful Friday. I’m off to teach a social media, cross platform course (public) run by Australian Film and Television School. In Hobart. On Saturday. Please come along, we’ve got some seats left. Or spots. Or places… y’know what I mean. Sorry I forgot to tell you before 🙁

Creating Online Buzz and Growing Communities

‘Inviting Audiences to Your Party and Keeping Them There’ will demystify Web 2.0 and help you harness its power to promote your creative project online.

This LAMP Insight Seminar examines techniques to attract online audiences and keep them coming back for more. It also explores how to effectively promote a project online, initiate conversations with online audiences and build and manage communities.

Designed to get participants thinking on their feet and engaging with the latest techniques of building online audiences and managing growth – participants will find out how to keep a crowd.

Key topics explored during the seminar include:

  • What techniques can be used to build an online audience
  • How to prepare for massive membership signups
  • How to make sure content is ‘findable’ on the internet
  • What the best techniques are to gain, retain and manage members in a social network
  • How to build trust and plan for a self sustaining network

This one day seminar with a workshop component will empower participants to:

  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of existing social networks
  • Explore the emerging opportunities of online media to enrich creative projects
  • Evaluate tools and techniques for building online communities
  • Stay up to date with the latest cutting edge work in web 2.0, mobile media, advanced TV, games and virtual worlds.

Speakers include:
Gary Hayes – Director of LAMP
Laurel Papworth – Social Network Strategist

How to apply:

  • Click the apply link (at the top of the page) or call 03 6223 5983 during business hours for more information.
  • Be quick places are limited. (this is sorta a little fibby, we’ve only got about 25 signed up – Heh)


And ‘cos blogging shouldn’t be about boring Laurel stuff all the time 😛 y

Hat Tip: Stephen Baugh (Tui) .