Hitler Downfall: Constantine Film vs The World

Mashable reported this morning that, after the Hitler Downfall meme had done it’s work and made tonnes of money for Constantine Films, that Constantine Films was forcing the parody videos to be removed. The intriguing piece of news for me was the fact that YouTube seemed to be taking the side of us naughty content “pirates” complete with instructions on the YouTube blog on how to fight the charge. As one of the affected (see my Toyota Yaris Downfall post) I thought I’d check it out.

When I logged into YouTube all was fine. It seems that as the content uploader, I didn’t get any messages. However if I logged out and tried to view the video, then the warnings came:

Very weird.

I went back to the YouTube blog and this is what it said:

Still, to make sure that users also have choices when dealing with the content they upload to YouTube, we’ve made it easy for users to dispute inappropriate claims.

  • When you receive a notice in your account via Content ID, we tell you who claimed the content, and direct you to a form that lets you dispute the claim if you so choose.
  • If you believe your video is fair use, check the box that reads “This video uses copyrighted material in a manner that does not require approval of the copyright holder.” If you’re not sure if your video qualifies, you can learn more about fair use here.
  • Once you’ve filed your dispute, your video immediately goes back up on YouTube.
  • From this point, the claimant then makes a decision about whether to file a formal DMCA notification, and remove the content from the site according to the process set forth in the DMCA.

But “notice”? I went looking for my notice. It wasn’t obvious. It’s not in your inbox it’s here http://www.youtube.com/account and then click You have videos that may contain content that is owned by someone else. Please review these videos. This will take you to – surprising me – a list of questioned videos. One of the videos had music composed by my partner Gary Hayes so someone has been a bit eager. From there it’s straight sailing – click on your video then click on I have a valid reason to dispute this claim. Take me to the dispute form.

then follow the YouTube instructions above.

See Toyota Yaris Downfall post

… is it working now?

YouTube are learning… just like Digg did. This is better handled than when YouTube sided with Warner Music Group. Now YouTube are at least trying to side with humanity…

No comment on AUDA that removed my OptusPoo.com.au domain name and then immediately offered it for sale

The Australian domain name administration, auDA, is now publishing on its web site a list of existing .au domain names for which registration is about to expire, enabling anyone interested to try an secure a sought-after domain as soon as it becomes available: but the list includes names that auDA has already banned!

… ITWIRE has the story.  3rd party providers are either stuck in the middle of disputes or power hungry b*stards. What say you?

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