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I like the Hitwise email newsletter:

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For the week ending 02/02/2008, Singaporean Internet users spent an average visit time of 17 minutes and 44 seconds on Lifestyle – Dating websites. 74% of the total traffic to the Lifestyle – Dating industry for that week was directed to international dating websites such as Adult Friendfinder.comOpens in a new tab. (www.adultfriendfinder.comOpens in a new tab.) and Date For Keeps (www.dateforkeeps.comOpens in a new tab.). Adult Friendfinder.comOpens in a new tab. was the most popular website visited, with 19.39% market share of visits.

I was wanting DateForKeeps to win, not AdultFriendFinder. *pouts* I really need to lose these soft, romantic rose glasses when viewing dating sites.

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6 thoughts on “Hit wise: Online Dating (Singapore)

  1. The “evil dude behind Facebook on Guardian”? Yep, I blogged it here
    It’s a beat-up job – notice there was no mention of Thiel co-producing the social conscience movie “Thank You For Smoking”? Balanced reporting? I think not.

  2. Data from Hitwise reveals that visits to dating sites have increased by 45% since January 2003, with the online dating sector now representing 0.8% of all online visits. Typically, visitors are spending 13 minutes and 18 seconds on a dating site, almost double the time Internet users spend on sites in general (6 minutes and 47 seconds). The dating market is also becoming increasingly competitive, with almost 200 new dating sites appearing in the Hitwise Dating category since January 2003, an increase of 34%. However, 60% of traffic goes to the top 10 dating sites.


  3. Dating is an extremely competitive and saturated niche. That’s why many people don’t believe there is any money in it, and
    why the smart marketers are raking in buckets of cash every single day.Dating has a universal appeal. Young people, old people,men, women, Christians, Jewish people…. you get the point.
    Anyone who is single is fair game.
    The market is massive, probably as massive as any other niche in existence.

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