From Alan Mutter’s blog:

Newspaper share value fell $64B in ’08

In the worst year in history for publishers, newspaper shares dropped an average of 83.3% in 2008, wiping out $64.5 billion in market value in just 12 months.

Although things were tough for all sorts of businesses in the face of the worst economic slump since the 1930s, the decline among the newspaper shares last year was more than twice as deep as the 38.5% drop suffered by the Standard and Poor’s average of 500 stocks.

newspaper shares drop 83 per cent

newspaper shares drop 83 per cent

When reviewing social media sites like this one, consider some facts: who is he and is that verifiable in any way? Do the comments reflect someone of standing, how does he engage? How long has he been blogging for and would you listen to him if he was in a room or on a podium. If the blog post is about your industry – newspapers and magazines – have you even heard of this guy. If your trust quotient for this guy is high… then go ahead and read on. Some interesting charts there too.

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