Gal pal, Jo G and I committed a cardinal sin at lunch in Wooloomooloo a few weeks ago; we put ice in our pinot noir. We got soundly told off by the guy (Robbo from Broads2go) at our table and a lovely lunch ended in tears. What can I say? It was warm and icky …

Ah well, if you like wine, then the merge of with Netscape communities is probably important to you.

As an online community they have some interesting aspects – banner ad, google adsense, RSS feeds into Yahoo! A 30 second wine advisor (email bulletin), discussion forums et al. The Netscape site does the “too busy busy” thing for me tho – where to look first? 🙁 I think I need to set up a Feng Shui website consultancy. 🙂

I can’t find a decent Aussie wine industry online community (not portal) – do you know of one? And no, Great Western doesn’t count. Shame, my home town near McLaren Vale, SA should have a one, don’cha think? I should probably go thru some blogs to see if anyone mentions a collaborative online community – the wine cellar for an international flavour, would be a good start.