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As a follow up on my bite on politics, the press gallery and Australian collaborative journalism, go have a look at The National Forum.

We recognise that to be successful this revolution must involve everyone: that it must harness and focus all the forces of civil and political society across the whole spectrum of views. To that end we have already enlisted as members some significant Australian institutions including the University of SydneyOpens in a new tab., the Brisbane InstituteOpens in a new tab., QUTOpens in a new tab., the Local Government Association of QueenslandOpens in a new tab., Australian Manufacturing Workers UnionOpens in a new tab., Australians for a Constitutional MonarchyOpens in a new tab. and Oxfam Community Aid AbroadOpens in a new tab., as well as prominent individuals and parliamentarians.
In our first years of operation we have concentrated on building a community through our publication,
On Line Opinion. In the last 18 months we have built our legislature – the iParliament; our speaker’s corner – The Domain; an area for conversations – OnLineOpinions; – an area for deliberative democracy – On Line Focus; and the first volume of our library has been put on the shelf – Issues Briefs. We have a lot more interactivity planned for the next 12 months.

Gosh! Mark Latham is a member of iParliament as is Carmen Lawrence. Marky Mark hasn’t posted in a while tho. I personally would be lobbying Malcolm Turnbull to join – any polly who blogs on about his dogs understands the waste of time if not sheer inanity that is blogging …and politics. Heh.

I really like Online Opinion’s main page. Its a nice dynamic one that is updated with collaborative content including pulls from the forums, polls, today’s most popular articles. The more a site relies on content from its users, and less from paid sources, the better, I reckon.

And one more quote for the politics editors of newspapers, in case you don’t get the new subscriber mantra of “we want active dialogue, not passive reading”:
For slightly less than $1.00 per week (less than the daily cost of any metropolitan newspaper in the country) you can ensure that The National Forum continues to provide independent news and views.

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