Helping Priscilla (and not for profits) ChipIn fundraising

Priscilla Brice Weller is a leading Web 2.0 evangelist in the Not For Profit Sector in Australia. I even copy her haircut. You don’t need to know that though.


2008 will be a very interesting year. I have been awarded a place on the Sydney Leadership program and am quite excited, dumbfounded and nervous about it. It will be a chance for me to find out more about how the real world works rather than taking a theoretical view of life from my computer 🙂

Here’s a blurb about the program that inspired me to apply:

Sydney Leadership will open your eyes to the complex social problems facing our society. Through a combination of experiential learning, community visits, readings, personal reflection. practical engagement and professional coaching over a 9 month period you will learn what it means to exercise real leadership. It isn’t a traditional, curriculum-based course like an MBA but it does involve intensive learning. It will help you to develop practical skills you can use at work, in the community and in your personal life.

One of the challenges I face in taking part in the program is that I need to raise $15,400 in fees, in addition to my personal contribution. I’m planning to apply for a couple of grants to fund much of it, however that won’t be enough. So now I’m asking you, my faithful readers, to make a generous donation to get me the rest of the way. I need to raise a minimum of AU$1,000 by the end of February to help cover my fees. If you prefer, consider your donation as funding for the Benevolent Society which is a not-for-profit organisation.

Rest assured you’ll be reading about my progress on the program on this blog so you’ll have some idea of the worthiness of the program and how your money is being spent. Who knows, if you live in Sydney I might even inspire you to apply next year, in which case I can return the favour 🙂

ChipIn is a great idea – a widget you take away to your social networks for fundraising. I think they do the whole escrow process etc. I’ve seen ’em in Facebook too.
Read the rest at solidariti.com. Priscilla is with Australians for Native Title and Reconciliation (ANTaR) and tomorrow should be a big day for her.
Please donate so she can continue to do brilliant things.

Peer to peer finance, peer to peer fundraising. It’s all good. And has social value. Stuff the naysayers.

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