Help! Fashion advice needed! DESPERATE

It’s that time of the year again. *gasps in dread* Christmas party time. And my haute couture wardrobe of t-shirts (mostly black) with cool slogans (mostly geeky) just ain’t gonna cut it. Next Tuesday I’m off to the Initials Xmas Party. Initials being a combined party of AEEMA, AIIA, AIMIA, ATUG, EJV, IAA -whew! I…

It’s that time of the year again. *gasps in dread* Christmas party time. And my haute couture wardrobe of t-shirts (mostly black) with cool slogans (mostly geeky) just ain’t gonna cut it. Next Tuesday I’m off to the Initials Xmas Party. Initials being a combined party of AEEMA, AIIA, AIMIA, ATUG, EJV, IAA -whew! I started going through the websites to look for an online community where I could post (hopefully anonymously) “ahem *cough* what’s the dress code please?” or even “does anyone, y’know, like, have a black tshirt with a Xmas message on it I could borrow?”. I didn’t find one, and every time I saw the word forum I got excited. But they meant industry event not community boards.

Now you just know that Rachel Slattery with her wonderful curves and amazingly pretty, long, dark hair is gonna look stunning. Erietta will look hip and street smart as always. Josephine will be cool and sleek and sophisticated per normal. The guys will be sexeh as all-get-out in tuxes or something. At least the nerdy ones will have their once a year haircut. *fingers crossed*

Then there will be… me.

So I went to Dress Up Games for fashion advice. No, siree, not for me Vogue forums, I am a poor self-unemployed consultant after all. I can’t even afford the pirated, rip offs. Anyway back to Dress Ups. You can dress up George Dubya, or a sim or… Aha! Just what I need! Look here!

What Kevin wore to Soobin’s house to fix her PC on 27 November.

Dress Kevin – I didn’t know what to wear, so I made a website (as you do) is a site which is … umm.. errr. hard to describe? Lets say “user generated dressing decisions using collaborative tools to create fashion styles for real life fashion victim Kevin”. Or – lets not. How about, you vote on his every fashion decision, viewing Kevin’s entire wardrobe which is categorised by when it was last worn, and the most votes wins. Kevin then posts a foto of himself in the winning outfit before trotting out into public with it. Wow, people could get together and be really evil here – pink boas and stilettos to the footy anyone? Tho I guess he probably doesn’t have that in his wardrobe.

Now imagine if David Jones integrated offline fashionistas into an online community by having their customers create a real life fashion catwalk show. But wait, didn’t DJ’s drop their online shop? Hmmm, I see the shopping bag/cart but it seems to be connected to a static catalogue. Darnit. Maybe Vogue then? for charity? How about a fashion label? No? Ah well, I’ve got more important things to worry about….

…like what to wear! help!

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  1. Laurel,

    Writing as a bloke, I can only give you my take on the fashion world:
    1 Forget labels. I have yet to find anyone who doesn’t get paid to write on the topic the least be interested in labels.
    2 Forget logos. More an matter for T-shirts, but whenever I see a T-shirt that says (this was made by) Lonsdale, Tommy Hellfinger, DKNY (dual kids, not yuppies?), Old Navy, New Navy, GAP, Gap Analysis etc., it says to me the person lacks the imagination to find a garmet with a design or colour that, itself, makes a statement.
    3 Colours. Find out what colours look good on you, and where them, no matter what that fashion industry says you “should” want (this week). When the Australian menswear retailers association banned green suits, I had two made in Thailand, shades of green that worked for me.
    4 Cleavage. Show as much as you’re comfortable showing at a party – none suggests you’re a prude.
    5 Climate. In what would you be comfortable if the forecast was 35 degrees? Wear it if it’s going to be hot and not if not.
    6 It doesn’t matter. If someone wants to talk to you, what you’re wearing won’t make any difference.

    And you looked good at the Slattery function

  2. Why thankee, it was a purple Trent Nathan top with I-forget-who pants. Labels work for me when I like the design, sometimes that designer has other stuff I like too. You’re right tho, ain’t a religion with me.

    I nearly wore my “Nobody Reads My Blog” t-shirt, cos I can at least I have a conversation starter then – “oh you have a blog?” “yes, here’s the URL” :)I know its silly but I like logos and sayings on t-shirts too.

    Cleavage was 1/2 way prude and wanton. Its just where the buttons sat. heh.

    And isn’t this you by the Verisign sign? Smokin’ (as in hot, not as in ciggies) in a white suit.. 🙂

  3. Yes, Laurel, that was me in front of the sign and I bought that suit in Paris in June and had the shirt (and five other suits) made in Bangkok the week prior.

    Yes, the “nobody reads my blog” would have been interesting. May I opine that what really helps with blogs is them being found by search engines. When I heard on the radio about a person who’s written a paper (published in an academic journal) on the co-relation between religiosity in various countries and crime (USA, high religious attendance, etc. and high crime compares with Europe, especially Scandinavia etc.), I searched the Internet. I did find it, but found several blogs attacking him at the same time. Would topics in or keywords in your blog entry lead to you being found?

  4. Nah don’t work that way. Google for instance, counts the number of links back to your site (especially trackbacks), not the key words (do you mean technorati tags?). So if you search for “online communities” and “Australia” you’ll get my blogshare link (blogshare has massive linkbacks) as number one response and my geo-url as number three. But not the site itself, as only a few people link to me – though some of them are major blogs and marketing companies, google search looks at quantity not quality links.

    Anyway I was being silly. 😛 Most of my readers are not of the demographic that writes their own blogs or respond publicly – I get more emails than comments! Now if my blog was on sex or pure geek-ness or even *shudders* sport, it’d have more comments and more trackbacks. Anyway as long as YOU read my humble blog, who needs more? Ack, who am I kidding? 🙂

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