Guy and Mark’s Excellent Digital Adventure

Me ‘n Erietta ‘n Jo had our own excellent adventure last night (and 3 Corona’s apiece *rolls eyes*) at Sydney Film Festival. As promised here is a look-see. A live session of clips, quips and insight. As Guy Gadney (Director of Content Production for BigPond) and Mark Strong (New Media Manager for Network TEN) say,…

Me ‘n Erietta ‘n Jo had our own excellent adventure last night (and 3 Corona’s apiece *rolls eyes*) at Sydney Film Festival. As promised here is a look-see.

A live session of clips, quips and insight. As Guy Gadney (Director of Content Production for BigPond) and Mark Strong (New Media Manager for Network TEN) say, ‘When Coppola predicted that the next great filmmaker will be a little girl with a digital camera, he didn’t realise how much this prediction would screw up the film and television industry. The desire for everyone to be a director has produced the greatest amount of media content the world has ever seen. Unfortunately, most of it is utter crap.’

That’s where Mark and Guy come in. Because they are men of discerning taste, have travelled far and wide on terra digitalus, and seldom venture outdoors, they have qualified themselves to be our digital jewellers, picking out the gems from the 1s and 0s that cloud our consciousness. Their criteria for selection are simple: they picked what they liked, it had to come from the internet, and it couldn’t be porn.

God bless Erietta Sapounakis and her little cotton socks for the following. And for asking the question about docos and ‘real’ user generated content, not just ‘quirky, edgy, humorous, animated, blah blah’ pieces. For below, I’ve linked to YouTube where I can. And if there is more than one version, I’ve linked to the one with the most votes. So for Brokeback Squadron, you get the one that had 105 votes which is not exactly the same version (not sure) that Mark and Guy showed last night. Otherwise they are from AtomFilms or similar.

Guy And Mark’s Excellent Digital Adventure
20 June 2006; Tank Bar
Guy Gadney (Director of Content Production for BigPond);
Mark Strong (New Media Manager for Network TEN)

Film 1 – Alive in Joberg
faux doco; animated alien invaders
copyright Spy Films

I uploaded a copy from to YouTube and linked here.

Film 2 – Way to Armadillo
Soldier musical, distributed by the UK Ministry of Defense. Seen by millions worldwide, was so popular that the servers failed. Had the qualities of a good viral campaign – full of character; edgy; humourous and of the moment.
Film 3 – Red Versus Blue (RoosterTeeth site)
Armoured robot like soldiers; “machine art” gaming mash up (?)

Looked like Halo for Mac game.

Film 4 – Red, White and Blue
similar to Film 3, was the winner of the Big Pond Game arema movie competition.
( ?). Message is more important that quality of production.

Hmm I couldn’t find this one 🙁 Not at BigPond, nor was any of the moviegame sites viable options.

Film 5 – Scarface (Short Version)
re-edited version of film 🙂

I sent this Scarface ages ago to my teacher at Darlo Theatre Co and recommended it as a monologue that I could remember. Heh.

Film 6 – Tokyo PLastic Drum Machine.
Flash Animation.

TokyoPlastic won the audience vote for anime at 2004 Sundance Online Film Festival

Film 7 – War by Peter Chung (Aeon Flux director?). Solo gun men and swordsman… Film 8 – Vampz – French animation. Only distributed online. Girl fighting beast.

War – that clothing! o.O Vampz – Actually I think it was two vampire kids – brother and sister. It was clearly made to cater to the emo myspace crowd (goth little sister, punk brother, edgy humour about self harm and violence to siblings, home alone)

Film 9 – In God We Trust
made by “Thankyou for Smoking” director, Jason
Rietman. Coin, car crash, waiting room for hell, revived…

Film 10 –
Truth In Advertising viral video – spoof on marketing industry

Film 11 – Camelot (using Lego) used as an example of a mashup. Monty Python lego.

Truth in Advertising – around since 1997. Camelot – If you are a major studio – make a movie, using the cutting room floor edits to make a viral spoof of your own movie, get Lego or another company to sponsor it, send it out either just before film release or just after. Or just do a Google and make a quest 😛

FIlm 12 – The Cathedral
Atom films. Oscar nominated

Film 13
– Brokeback to the Future
Mash up of two films (Brokeback Mountain; Back to the Future) to produce trailer to a third.

Film 14 – Brokeback Squadron
same as Film 13; Back to the Future/Top Gun.;

Film 15 – Epic
Google Amazon digital media future.

Thanks Henry! Or was it Rhett? :p I went to to see if they had them there. Why on earth do they have popups covering the screen when I want to buy something? o.O Amazing. So I didn’t. Buy I mean. Not sure how they got around my popup blocker but its the principal of the thing. And it was a HP ad by the way. BigPond’s free download service was basically trailers. BigPond has a “We Recommend” section, but no comments on the bottom of each movie/tv series for feedback, and no online community. Someone asked last night (I think, it was hard to hear them) about how TV was going to do things differently from Music vs Napster wars. There was no clear answer. Well you know my view. Give people what they want, and the ability to have a dialogue and they will keep coming back. Its not the content, its the dialogue. Well, isn’t it?

Not mentioned last night: censorship issues as the best of the videos are probably naughty ones like the Napster pole dancer, Mastercard door button and so on.

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  1. Guy and Mark – men of discerning but not too varied taste. What was the quip about Walter Benjamin for? Sure a mash-up may not have the “aura” of a painted masterpiece, or an arthouse film, but an active audience enganging in active re-readings of text should have any post modernists jumping for joy.

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