Lecture 1: Social Media Strategy for Government

Step by step how to establish a #socialmedia​ #framework​ for local government and a social media strategy for councils.

This social media lectures series is for social media managers that work with Senators, Ministers of Parliament, Local Government and Councils and other Government organisations.

Topics: Step by Step social media strategy for Government Lecture:

  • Step 1: Core Audiences on Social Media (target audiences) for Government 00:37
  • Step 2: Match Purpose and Values between Local Government/Council and stakeholders. 02:48
  • Step 3: Social Spaces – which social media platforms should your Council social media strategy cover? 03:57
  • Step 4: Social Media Influencers and Hashtags for social distribution on Government campaigns 05:54
  • Step 5: Covering Social Media Campaigns and planned activities for Government 08:40
  • Step 6: Creating different kinds of social media diaries: content, engagement, influencer etc. 11:05
  • Step 7 Creating a “Voice” for social media and the different core audiences (stakeholders) 12:06
  • Step 8 leveraging Rituals and Rites of passage in a social media framework for local government and councils. 14:49
  • Step 9: integrating social media with the council website with local government EDMs (email newsletters) as well as incorporating Comms strategy, Employer branding, Crisis Comms etc. 16:48
  • Step 10 or Optional – Future Directions covered? eg social media and #BigData​ or Council and Direct Democracy? 18:25

If you join me in private workshops and tutorials, materials including links to Facebook, Instagram etc data research will be included.

Social Media Marketing Strategy for Government, Councils, politicians playlists:

COMMENTS: You can join me in the discussion on the Facebook Livestream, the YouTube LivestreamThe Twitter (Periscope) Livestream and the LinkedIn Livestream and I stream on my personal Facebook if you just want to follow me there. MONDAY 10:45 AM Sydney Time is Social Media NEWS and Thursdays 1pm Sydney time is the Social Media LECTURE series. Unless I change my schedule in which case look for the updates 😛 xxxxx Laurel

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