I just adore finding obscure online communities.
Dairy.com of Dallas, TX, has announced plans to acquire DairyCareers, the leading online recruiting solution for the dairy industry
“We are extremely pleased to be a part of Dairy.com,” said Lentsch. “By combining our online communities we have over 2000 registered users across nearly 300 dairy manufacturers, cooperatives and transportation providers. DairyCareers’ traditional stronghold is food and beverage manufacturing at every level, and, with Dairy.com’s community we expect to become highly active in the staffing of procurement and supply chain functions, as well.”
What can I say but – MOOOOOOOOOOO!

Want to know some good farm/dairy/cow jokes?
What happens when you talk to a cow? It goes in one ear and out the udder.
What does a cow sound like when its crying? Moooo Hooooo !

Hahahahahahahaha! *falls off her office chair laughing* Ummm ok, I’ll stop now. Unless you know any better ones?