Very very rare for me to blog about our special offers, whether it’s social media evaluation discounts or something else.  I usually offer them through my fortnightly email newsletter (signup form).  Anyway. I was reading 10 ways to make a rubbish website

ten steps for a rubbish website

…and thought about how often clients ask me to do a social media audit or social media evaluation. To put together a document on what they could be doing better. Or to create something to give to their web developers: they usually understand my recommendations but are not sure they can articulate it clearly to the guys who have to implement the ideas and concepts. And in general, social media evaluations of blog/websites, Facebook and Twitter seems to be an popular area, so I thought I would offer an evaluation special offer to you, dear blog reader. Even if you don’t need my services yourself, feel free to pass this link on to someone with a rubbish site. 😛

How does Social Media Evaluation work?

  • A great team get together and put your website or blog or storefront (online) or forum or whatever through a social media evaluation process. Does it have all the social media elements to gain comments, to be distributed through networks and to form a community?
  • We then look at your Facebook and Twitter account – are they being maximised for the community, are the right tools being used to assess reputation, risk and roles?
  • Overall: What could be done better? What is being done well? What opportunities are being missed?
February 2012 SOCIAL MEDIA EVALUATION Special Offer is $1800. Normally $2900.
Must be ordered and paid for by March 24 2012. 

Why do a Social Media Evaluation?

  • You are pretty sure that you could do things better
  • You are happy with what you’ve achieved with community engagement and are looking for the next step
  • You know exactly what needs to be done but need an “outside expert” to help tell the story.
  • You just don’t have time to sit down and list all the changes, and specifications and figure out how to articulate it to I.T. and other team members

Who are you?

  • A small business that wants to maximise the limited resources available, whether money or time or staff
  • A medium business that loves the free tools of blogs and Facebook and Twitter but needs to allocate attention to how they are used, building audiences
  • A web developer who wants to clarify to clients what should and should not be implemented on a social media website, with someone who can speak both geek and non-geek languages.
  • A social media consultant looking to outsource website/Facebook/Twitter evaluations to a trusted online community team, leaving you free to do strategies.

What do you get with a Social Media Evaluation?

  • At the end, you get a 3 to 4 page document. This document is personalised i.e. it’s not a generic whitepaper, it will be specific about how you and your organisation are doing in social media tactics.
  • The tips will be practical – no fluffy “engage more” but real step by step stuff.
  • You can also take the document to your web developer and ask them to add things to your website that will make it more social media friendly.
  • You can implement the tools for Twitter and Facebook immediately.
  • In normal evaluations,  we can even cost out how much we think you should be able to get the changes done for. If you have an unusual website developed in an old CMS (content management system) that might be difficult but for most websites, we have years of experience and can stop you from being ripped off *cough* paying premium for implementing Facebook Connect, social media newsletters and so on.
February 2012 SOCIAL MEDIA EVALUATION Special Offer is $1800. Normally $2900.
Must be ordered and paid for by March 24 2012. 

This won’t suit everyone – most social media people think they are doing the right thing by doing what they always do. And in a way ,they are right, at least it’s honest and transparent even if it is with only friends and other social media folk. But if you think your blog or website is rubbish (or could be social media-ised better) and your Facebook and Twitter isn’t quite going in the direction you were hoping for, contact me. or 0432 684992.