I avoid TechMeme as much as possible but this stuff swam in front of my eyes:

3. 2. 1. Contact. The API has landed — Have you ever been on a web-site that asked you for your Google username and password so that it can import your Gmail contact list? Did you think twice before giving out that information, hoping the web-site would not use it to access …


Ionut Alex Chitu / Google Operating System:

Google Releases an API for Contacts — Google wants to make everyone happy today. After releasing a calendar sync tool, Google makes it possible to sync other valuable data: your contacts. The new Contacts Data API “allows client applications to view and update Contacts content in the form of Google Data API feeds.

Nutshell: you won’t have to go through creating new friends lists everytime you join a new social network, you unfaithful, hoyden community dwellers!