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  1. You’re spot on, Laurel. However, as you’d probably be aware, as bad as the situation is in the mainstream media, it is much worse in many of the trade journals. I used to write several articles a year for such journals, and be paid for them. Some of these folded and others decided they could get enough “articles” from vendors they didn’t need to pay journalists, especially not non-unionised freelance journalists. Such “articles” weren’t re-written press releases but highly promotional of the vendor and their products.

    I don’t mind news being extracted from press releases, provided some editing is done – for example, audio call recording systems are NOT CRM products no matter how many times their marketing persons say they are – as I don’t recieve nor want to receive all the PR material from all the companies I’m interested in.

    But at the same time, enterprises buy far fewer such publications, part of the reason there aren’t as many and the survivors have smaller budgets. But are there fewer subscribers because there are fewer good and genuine articles or are there fewer good articles because their are fewer subscribers to pay for them?

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