Gliffy – FlowCharts, Diagrams and Floor Plans are Easy with Gliffy – could’ve been the social network for diagrams in the same way that is for Powerpoint/Keynote and YouTube is for Videos. But they just don’t understand core elements.

For example, discoverability. I should be able to go to the site and see rotating list of diagrams that grab my interest and excite my creativity. Instead there are a bunch of “examples”. What happened to rewarding leaders of your community by exhibiting their content on the front page?

There’s no embed function in the examples, no explicit Creative Commons – I nicked this image:
by copying and pasting the URL.
If you want an idea, go check them out then build a community around consumer generated diagrams. There’s a tonne of business and marketing ideas in there. But they are sticking with the “hosting” and premium paid model.

I checked my diagram and there is a popup window – yuck – with embed details. But no hope of finding genuine user generated content that I could see. Such a shame.