Ok, its not really an online community thingie. But Oxfam Unwrapped is a cool way of using the internet to facilitate donations between an affluent offline community (us) and a not-so-well-off offline community (Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Mozambique).

Gifts to make everyone rapt
Are you sick of giving socks, bath salts, or token gifts? Is this festive season going to give you gifting grief? Yes, trying to choose gifts for some people can be quite an ordeal – and that’s why we’ve developed Oxfam Unwrapped. It’s a unique collection of gift ideas that help you give something special to your friends or family and give something extra special to people who haven’t got much at all.
It’s a funny concept, but one that helps your gift giving dilemma and the work of Oxfam Australia at the same time. Your friends will receive a card detailing the present you bought them and the real item goes to those who need it most. You could try and wrap up a goat for your best friend but we suggest you leave it to the experts.

Surely you know someone who would like to have a bullock, goat, chicken or even a DIY Dunny donated on their behalf for Xmas? Probably not your 4 year old nephew but a grown up?

I wish they had forums for this. I’d love to log on Christmas morning and read the comments. 🙂
PS You could do this the hard way – go to Goatfinder.com, buy a goat, buy it a seat on a plane and fly it over. Too hard? Yeah, thought so.

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