My final comment on Facebook. I promise. This time from the Rocky Mountain Collegian:
A message post on these online communities is the lowest form of communication known to man… With too many marketing gimmicks and annoying pop-up ads, the Facebook with its superior format easily overtook… After the move from the Facebook to has been made, the downward spiral has begun; and before one knows what’s going on, he or she is talking to 80-year-old men posing as women in their mid-twenties through online dating services… These online communities boil down to deceitful marketing gimmicks designed to consume student’s lives. In terms of numbers, CU’s presence in these social networks is almost twice that of CSU’s, proving CU students are much more susceptible to life-wasting decisions.
and the last word?
Shut your blinds to peepers, perverts, and other circus freaks, and make sure to just say no to online communities.
There, you’ve been told, and by a cynical, over-advertised-to, Gen Y senior finance major. Make sure you listen up!