Never let it be said that I don’t follow through. I blogged the other day about Google having a G’Day California in GooglePlex US to attract employees to come to Australia to work. It’s all happening at 6-9pm today Mountain View California time. I think that’s about 7am to 10am tomorrow our time. Don’t take my word for it though – my ability to do time zone conversions is about as good as my ability take direction and read maps and keep my mouth shut and … :

Or is there something we could do online at that time (6-9pm tomorrow their time)? I’ m not sure what – hit the blogs with a massive G’DAY back to Google? Take fotos of ourselves mooning them, trousers down to ankles, on the Sydney Harbour Bridge and upload them at the same time with the flickr tag “GdayGoogle07”. Do the same on Telstra BigPond’s Sydney Harbour Bridge in Second Life? C’mon guys, let’s get motivated! heh. Cuddle a Google employee today!

So yes, get cheeky with it. Pass it on! Quick! Quick! before they get together in the morning. heh. I love being naughty.