1. There are some loungey-like cinema rooms in the States, too. For instance, in Natick, Massachusetts, adjacent to a huge shopping mall, is a 14-screen theater, and one or two of the screens are what you describe. But not 20 seats; more like 200. But leather reclining chairs, free popcorn and soda, and a alcohol bar that is staffed before the movie.

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  2. How about drive-ins ? Remember them ? People still go to them (the ones that are left, that is … the drive-ins, I mean). There is only one left in Sydney, and it’s only about 15min from my house, so the family and I go several times a year (the kids love it). It’s 3D … well, the environment around you is ( 🙂 ), and you have the comfort of your own cushions, pillows, blankets in your own car !

  3. Hey Laurel,

    Thanks for the mention 🙂

    The merging of movies, social networks and user generated interaction is certainly fascinating. If Gary invents that cinema that includes all three, I definitely want an invitation! (Spooky how he wrote that back in 06!)

    One social virtual world PlayStation Home is hosting an interview with The Watchmen (film) director Zack Snyder and Dave Gibbons tonight (4pm GMT/3am AEST). Ten people picked from around the world but streamed to us all via ustream.tv.

    I can very much foresee a future when ‘we: the punters’ can watch on and post questions also for starters.

    [Vested interest disclaimer: Paramount Pics is a client of the company I work for, as you know]

    In something I had nothing to do with now 😉 I remembered this story out of a small movie theatre in Spain from a couple of years back that supports your ‘big/screen plus social gaming’ as an emerging trend

    Neither yet offer the compelling user interactivity you and Gary both allude to. But they do support your theory in their own ways.

    Cheers, Lesley

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