was set up by Annie Van Bebber to develop a “Community of Giving”. is first and foremost a community. Best of all, by aiding and advising the people who work so hard to make the world a better place, the Fundraisers Community of Giving will further our common goal of raising awareness of worthwhile causes on the local, national and worldwide level. By pooling resources and creating alliances, we can share in the pride of accomplishment felt by scores of unsung heroes who make good things happen in the lives of others.

I’m not sure about building a community around a blog – forums do it sooo much better – but at least there is some sort of infrastructure to empower communication in the fundraising sphere. However with replies turned off on Annies own blog and zero responses on the causes blog, I’d bet seriously looking at migrating to a community-enabled CMS if I were Annie. But three cheers for a step in the right direction!