1. A bit over simplified but point well made. However if a strategy is clearly conceived, well executed and paradigmatic, i.e., leveraging a complete new set of rules. I’m absolutely persuaded that social network-based fund raisers can raise a standard.

    The reason why we are unable to connect the dots and see social networking as means to mobilize masses for cause, be it for fund raising, to stop the Walmartization of our communities or preclude global warming. In few words we are being hoodwinked by the media. We have it all wrong, we think that social networks are powered by (The Wizard of Oz) some guy behind the curtain. When in fact social networks are powered by the people, providing “power to the people.”

    The term social network IMHO is a misnomer. Name a one social network that redeposits a portion of the income it generates off the backs of the masses (i.e., the social network) back into society? Which one has given to aids or cancer research, etc? My position: If they fail to give back, I say the people shut the mother d-o-w-n! Go elsewhere, network on a platform that will support cause.

  2. I have no clue – what ‘Wizard of Oz’? Most social networks are not MySpace or Facebook and we don’t live in one to the exclusion of others. Though Facebook does have a great CAUSES application – some have signed up 300k members already – it’s not the focus of the social network. Which goes to my point.

    Social networks support those with cancer, with aids, those people seeking to connect to improve education, sport, or simply to save a bit of money shopping. Whether a social network online has been built to support teens in distress or new age kooks on a spiritual journey, they still have a PURPOSE. Make the fundraising PART of the overall connecting of members assisting other members and you’ll be on a winner.

    Develop a professional fundraising factory and you’ll find that the only members you will have are those others who are seeking to improve their power base by connecting with other fundraisers.

    I recommend you don’t attempt to raid bona fide online communities that are already supporting terminally ill etc. Many are using the Google AdSense revenue-share-for- fundraising model, and they won’t respect you for not respecting them…

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