1. I though Freelancer was already established in Australia… just my impression from when I Googled freelance job boards in Australia.

    When I Google ‘freelance’ now (I am located in Australia), is freelancer.com.au is the 5th search result from the top (and there are plenty of other freelance job boards in Australia). If I select ‘pages from Australia’ then it is no. 2.

  2. I just went to the Freelancer website, which looks really great, and they offered a free ‘Outsourcing ebook’. I downloaded it to see what it is (free education never hurts):

    It turned out to be a load of bull#. Just a pile of cliché-stuffed common knowledge outlining what outsourcing is and what the benefits are (stuff you will already have learned in high school), and then of course to the point: blunt promotion of Freelancer.

    A part of it serves as an instruction manual explaining how to set oneself up as an outsourcer at Freelancer, and that is useful – as long as it is labelled as such (would be better to integrate it in the website though). All the rest should be cut out, empty talk just annoys people.

    If Freelancer want to succeed in the Australian market then they should learn that people have a brain and don’t buy a load of clouds like that. There is nothing wrong with advertising, as long as it doesn’t call itself something else and waste people’s time (had to receive a link via email e.t.c).

    Freelancer should also learn to spell properly in Australian English instead of just copy-pasting the American text. Cultural bulldozing doesn’t work …

    The service itself looks good at a glance, the website design is great, ‘bid on projects’ is a good idea – it is just that ebook crap that works like anti-advertising and wake the suspicion that the company doesn’t have a good attitude.

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