Four Corners and Second Life

Thanks to everyone who messaged and emailed me – here’ s the link in case you missed the ABC’s Four Corners program on You Only Life Twice. And yes Mum, I’ll be careful in-world. *rolls eyes*. BTW that Julian Dibbell book on Play Money is really really fascinating.

I spent some time wandering around Telstra Big Pond’s “The Pond” Sydney Harbour Bridge in Second Life yesterday and today (yesterday being the bridge’s birthday, and me too lazy to walk the real thing). Big bridge, lots of fireworks, massive 75th birthday sign and no one else around. Except a telco buddy of mine that came ingame after I spoke to him in real world, and he watched me shopping in Dome. I bought my avatar a silver dress. And they say that online games are bad for relationships – try and get a guy to go clothes shopping with you in real life, kiddo!

Anyway, here’s the Slurl for ABC second life (click it to come ingame). See you there – I’m SilkCharm and I’ll be in a silver dress. šŸ™‚ (oops it’s full at the moment – 49 people – but I’ll keep trying.

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