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Former founders of Martha Lane Fox and Brent Hoberman have rolled out a home decorating site. Mydeco allows users to plan their decorating with 1.4m products by 500 retailers and rolled out today. I think it’s in the UK.
Australian DIY websites and communities include MyVirtualHome – scan the plans of your home, upload them, and you have a mini-Second Life that allows you to try real world fittings and products in the virtual representation of your house. Just don’t go crazy with adding second storeys, gazebos and balconies!

There’s another one, funded by Minti or someone here in Australia- anyone remember it’s name?

I want to see an anti-DIY site: videos of the kids crayoning the walls while the paint is still drying, photos of walls falling down after trying to hammer a nail in – all that good stuff. User generated content/consumer generated media is much more popular when it shows ****-ups: just ask Australia’s Greatest Home Videos TV show.

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  1. I was the Producer on the first version of MVH, released a bit over two years ago. We had a screenshot we used in presentations with an “Add realism” option – the next slide showed a living room scene one of our artists (shameless plug, Shaun Campbell – had destroyed, sitting a kid next to a wall with a crayon and trashing the rest of the place. Absolutely brilliant.

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