Gotta love it:

It’s called a “Pucker Up”

**What is our UPS Next Day Ass-Saver Shipping option?
Literally what it sounds like. You got busy, Valentine’s Day snuck up on you, and you completely forgot to buy that special someone a creative thoughtful gift. Now you’re going to be in serious hot water! No problem. We’ll ship out your order on Valentine’s Day via Next Day Air. In addition, we will call your recipient (on Feb 14th) and apologize for the unexpected delay. We’ll make up some story about the package falling off a truck or being lost in transit for you and relay that we have sent a replacement overnight so it at least arrives on the 15th. We will also suggest not taking out any frustrations on you, as you will already be extremely disappointed with UPS. (Only if asked, your order was originally placed with us on Feb 6th.) This Next Day Ass-Saver shipping option will disappear from this website by Feb 15th and we will be denying any existence of it. (from Garden Fun) (hat tip: Chris Brogan) Digg it here.

That’s what the world needs – more companies in collusion with lazy-assed, good-for-nuffin’, forgetful S.O.B.s Still, cool idea!
(not really web 2.0 or social networks, but hey! what do you care?)