It’s a mistake when companies use social media to gain email addresses to do spam email marketing campaigns. No really, it is. Business realities? Don’t kid yourself….

A while ago, I joined a Ford Facebook campaign. You entered your name and contact details on Facebook to become a social media reviewer – get the car for the summer, write reviews on it etc. I entered the competition, I tweeted about my old Toyota Feroza breaking down (as a “hint hint”) and never heard another word back. Nothing, nada I don’t even know who won or why. Not a sausage back.

Until today when I got this spam EMAIL. (see images at the bottom).
So, I have two questions.
1. Why not, when using Facebook to collect details, advertise on Facebook? The ads setup is simple enough – check the box that says “show ad to everyone that is a fan of Ford”. Social ads at least have a chance of being relevant (useful to those looking) or more easily ignored (less likely to piss those off that aren’t looking). Ah well at least we weren’t spammed to join a period pain community.
2. Why jump into email that forces me to a) open your email b) get the shits with it c) mark it as spam so that Google starts watching your email server and d) betray a social trust?

Betraying social trust

I expect spam sites to collect email addresses to send out unwanted emails. That’s a given. I don’t expect Brands that are trying to build up social collataral to on one hand be “engaged”, “in discussions with customers” “respecting the social contract” and on the other to be betraying that ideal with low budget, poorly thought out strategies to build up some crappy broadcast (not social) database.

I think we need to get our stories straight. Either we are engaged in dialogue or we are shouting our brand message. We can’t have it both ways. Though I do remember a teacher at school who always used to yell “WILL YOU JUST SHUT UP SO WE CAN ALL HAVE A DISCUSSION ON THIS”. Poor ol’ thing… Do your campaigns fit in with your marketing strategy?
Notice the last photo tells you to PHONE 133 Ford to get off the mailing list. So from social Facebook to spam my email to private one-to-one call-on-hold phone calls. The slippery slope….

NOTE: this post was written on my brand new iPad with the keyboard dongle dooverlackie using the WordPress App and the inbuilt screen shot facilities of iPad/iPhone. Pretty neat huh? I might start blogging on the train and at the doctors now.