1. Laurel – where have you been? The fireworks were for Australian Idol – announcing the latest b-grade talent voted for by Australia’s acne-prone generation and older people who should know better.

  2. it was between bingo wings and luba lips. bingo won. I didn’t/don’t watch it as it is hideousness in the worst substandard, average, RSL performer hideousness.

  3. Hmmm you got me interested enough to go look at the Australian Idol Blog. http://australian.idolblog.com/

    Hmmm, 54% claim Emily (luba lips?) was robbed but the 7 comments were all positive to Kate (bingo wings?). I wonder if the blog owners censor negative comments? I can’t be assed reading the whole blog to find out. I dare you to post there Kim, that’ll be one way to settle the matter! :p

    Oh wait “Hearty discussion and opposing viewpoints are welcome, but please keep this forum on-topic and civil. Flames, trolls, spams, personal attacks and explicit posts are discouraged and may be deleted. ” darn, that takes all the fun out of it 🙁

  4. I have not used LinkedIn. I’m in it as a few of my colleagues are, but I can’t see the point of it.

    On the subject of dating sites, I did use RSVP years ago after wasting my time with Dinners for Six. DF6 has about twice as many women as men members, but many of the women like to go to the dinners with no intention of ever following up with anyone.

    On the subject of school networks, I’m on Classmates.com which lets me see who else has registered from my school for any one year, but to get contact details, I have to pay and I choose not to. Then, I discovered that my own high school has its own internet site with graduates who have provided details listed.

    The big question is, do you want to get in touch with former classmates?

  5. Here’s how to be a success in a few weeks. Know when it’s time to end it. Don’t lead them on. Don’t chase dates for the wrong reasons. If you aren’t sure things are working, they probably are not.

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