I’ve been playing with LinkedIn! recently. I must say, it seems like a lot of work, I’m not sure if it will be worth it. I actually joined a few years ago but never bothered with it. But as a business tool, its the best on the market, or so I hear. If that ain’t so, please let me know. When viewing resumes, I am often struck by the fact that guys I know professionally beef up their job roles whereas the women seem to resist that path as honesty has a higher priority over getting the job at all costs. Not always so, but it happens enough to make an impact. Ah, men are from mars women are from venus eh?

Talking of honesty and beefing ones assets up, sheesh, online dating is a quagmire ain’t it? Match.com is the biggest and bestest online dating service so far, but what do you think of the others hmmm? I created a profile on Match.com (for research purposes only- its gone now) and it doesn’t seem as involved as LinkedIn.

Facebook is a school/college networking site and seems to be similar to Schoolfriends.com.au. I couldn’t tell because Australia is not on Facebook’s list of school locations. BTW does anyone else feel that Schoolfriends is becoming all a bit too cumbersome? Sure, build your portal to support your community, and fill it full of compelling content, but seriously, with the merge of Friends Reunited and Schoolfriends, its just stuffed to the gills. I just can’t be bothered sorting through it all…

Old friends, new friends, flirting, business, I find virtual worlds much more fun. You’ll find me in Second Life or There.com or some other visual medium rather than hanging out looking at fotos and profiles.

I’m watching beautiful fireworks on the harbour. I wonder what they are for?