It’s 4am and I am madly trying to catch up on my feeds. Just came across this Flickr Loves You from Ben Buchanan:Notice the “LOVES YOU”? Wot’s all that about then? (In a Charlie Brewer accent). So off I popped to Flickr Blog to check it out:

A Flickr Marriage

-) McGroom and McBride - Married in Edinburgh

Hi Flickr People. Yesterday, June 2nd 2007, we got married, two and a
half years after meeting each other here on Flickr. This is an amazing
place, with amazing people, many of whom we’ve met around the world.
Most importantly for us, without Flickr, we would probably have never
met, although we’d like to believe that Fate would have found a way to
bring us together. Thanks to everyone at Flickr for sharing your
fantastic, inspiring photographs with us.

Love and rockets,

Valerie and David

Mazel Tov! David shared the story of their courtship in this Flickr Central topic and announced their marriage here.

Photos from Princess Valium and Happy Dave.

Hmm maybe? Methinks a much more intriguing response than simply “Loves You > gamma version“.

One of the cornerstones of social networks is how you deal with Rituals and Events. Some online communities are making events their primary Purpose. Think guestbook sites, memorial sites and eventfull/

If a member of your community has a baby, gets married, graduates or even dies, the community will be looking for tools to acknowledge that. I used to like one site that gave a birthday cake animation with flickering candles on the forums. I must’ve had about 50 birthdays that year. 😛

This is also from Flickr blog this week:



“my grandpa was a good man.
he was a farmer for the majority of his life.
he survived stomach cancer for 17 years.
and finally gave in to lung cancer age 85.
he was a fantastic cyclist.
and a very opinionated man.
he made machines out of old white goods motors and pulleys to do everyday tasks.
his dogs were loyal, well behaved, helpful, caring creatures.
his fruit, vegetables, wheat and milk were incredibly delicious.
his meat and fish divine.
my kids never got to meet him.
but one day, i’ll tell them all about their great grandpa.
one day.
hi grandpa! is your next life as good as your last one?”

Photo and words from sighmon.

This sort of beautiful acknowledgement adds a social texture that not many other foto-sharing sites offer. One of the reasons why We Love You Too, Flickr.


Please think about your rituals and events in your social network. Encourage social leaders who create events for your community. Provide tools and discussion for hot community topics especially if its an wedding between members, or the loss of a member. Building a social network tool is one thing, gaining a following and keeping them is another. Companies may find making the necessary emotional connections with human beings a little challenging. Another hug please?