From Dion Hinchcliffe, Editor of OpenSource:

I call the use of Web 2.0 for business purposes, both internal and customer-facing, Enterprise Web 2.0. At its core, Web 2.0 is about harnessing collective intelligence and most of the rest of the Web 2.0 ideas fall out from this concept. And that highlights a monumental difference between the way the Web was used in the past – and indeed is still largely used today – and the way it works best. Most Web sites still push content one way out to their visitors, don’t have any means to interact with them, or even engage them in basic conversation and elicitation of contributions.

The Five Techniques Dion lists are:

  1. Dramatically Lower the Experience Barrier.
  2. Collect User (Customer) Contributions.
  3. Enable Formation of Communities.
  4. Become An Open Platform.
  5. Provide Self-Evolving Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

for the full article, go here. It’s not a long read but lots of links to example sites that I mention here a lot, like Flickr, Drupal, Wiki, etc.

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