1. ACK ACK ACK…The problem with web2 is that its not well defined. It’s a marketing hype to get everyone upgrade their website with some functionalities that are not really necessary.

    Everyone is focusing on what you can do… I dont find many saying.. GREAT now WHAT IS THE BUSINESS PURPOSE AND DRIVER?


    http://www.StopWeb2.com – It’s time to get back to business

  2. Web2.0 has moved from meaning open platforms to commoditizing communities. I’ve never been a fan of the term (notice I never said much about the article?) nor am I a fan of blogs as they are one-to-many and I never liked user generated content – people creating stuff is one thing, people generating conversations is another. But they are accepted usage, even if ill-defined, and I write in soundbytes on my blog – hence user gen content and web2.0 occasionally make an appearance for shorthand.

    It reminds me of the usenet newsgroup storm over using eMail, Email or email. Basically a storm in a teacup. We use what is convenient and a shortcut to a concept or construct.

    BTW Drupal is a misspell of dorp (village) and Google is a misspell of googol (10 to the power of 100). I guess I should misspell my company name? πŸ˜› A rose by another other name…

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