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  25. Social Media is about popularity and popularity is often about being funny. If there is a way for someone to twist something you’ve written into something funny, people will surely do it. Perhaps it is best not to give them the opportunity by choosing to promote merchandise with “Finish this sentence” campaigns. Even under the best of circumstance, and with top advertising agencies at your disposal, companies can set themselves up for a laugh. For example: In Japanese, “Siri” translates to “ass”. Apple’s dynamite new product is now the butt of many jokes. European phone giant, Nokia, named their most recent phone “Lumia” – it is an old Spanish term for “prostitute”. Does that mean the phone mostly works after dark?

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  29. Social media is about relationships. The various platforms give rise to increased connectivity with people, whether it is between friends and family, business to business, business to consumers and such. It is all about engagement, communication and learning from one another. I guess we could say that social media has been integrated into our lives as well. Great post on covering the ‘yay’ and ‘nay’ aspects of “finish my sentence” games on social media, I’ll keep your tips in mind Laurel!

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  32. Social media is a landscape in which the major networks, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and more, compete for our attention as consumers.Whilst social media sites give us tools for free, to simplify our lives, the fast paced nature of the industry means managing your social media lives becomes a challenge in itself. Mostly getting friendly with the customers. Social media plays big role in that. Overall a good post Laurel.

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