How to Find Twitter Lists 2021

How to search and find Twitter lists using Google Search and other tools.

Are you searching for public twitter lists in your niche or industry? Want to find influencers and popular people on Twitter, relevant to your topic? Finding Twitter lists is pretty easy – once you know how!

Simple Solution:

Search: keyword/phrase inurl:lists to have google search for that keyword in a list on Twitter. For example finserv inurl:lists to find lists with finserv in the list somewhere.

Advanced Google Custom Search Engine to create a Twitter list search!

How to search and find a Twitter List

how to Search and find public twitter lists
  • Go to Google Custom Search
  • Click ADD and in “sites to search” type*/lists (the asterisk is a wildcard meaning “any twitter username”).
  • Give the list a name, Click CREATE and now whenever you go to the CSE link your saved search is there. You can see mine here
  • I suggest clicking the PUBLIC URL link and then bookmarking the search page.

Additional Social Media Community Resources:

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