What are your fave wordpress plugins so far? That auto-updater one is great (backs-up then updates) and Comment Luv. What are yours?

Oh and those cute coloured boxes are great too. Sociable I think it is?

  • @CoreyObrien (site) likes automatic database backups  – I agree, I like both the backup one, and the auto-updater one. It backs up, then downloads the latest version from WordPress!
  • @tealou (LinkArtist) loves Next Gen Gallery. I had a quick look but I think you have to be heavily into image uploading to require it?
  • @abledragon (wealthydragon) Definitely All-In-One-SEO pack (agree) also wp-security-scan, redirection and wp-db-manager.
  • @skribe SkribeProductions mentioned stats ones – firestats and wordpress stats. I would add Google Analytics to that one.
  • @Trib (Stephen Collins) likes Sociable and ShareThis. I think he said he is switching to Sociable. Yay!
  • @regravity (regravity) kept it general – anything social media or video. Or both. Which – cos I’m lazy – doesn’t help me at all 😛
  • @mmmeg (style encylopedia) Akismet. That’s the spam catcher that’s now built in.
  • @Kerryank (kerryj) Tan’s Flickr photo album, re-CAPTCHA, Multifeed Snap, Add this Social bookmarking widget
  • @andrewtj (andrew TJ) disqus, openid and wp-cache are his favourites. I’m not sure about disqus. Inquisitr uses it, and it confuzzles me.
  • @girlstoys (girlstoys) “What Would Seth Godin Do” as well as “CommentLuv” and “Related Posts”. The first one is funny – Seth Godin doesn’t have comments on his “blog”!
  • @suewaters (aquaculturepda) HATES snow plugin.  & the plugin that makes link display as pop up image
    sirexkathryn librariansmatter wordpress plugins

    sirexkathryn librariansmatter wordpress plugins

  • @sirexkathryn (has a similar blogpost) likes Get Recent Comments (shows what they said) and WP Print (print a blog post properly, links are moved to footnotes). Her graphic shows all the good stuff.

That it?