A number of people either dropped hardcopy on my desk or emailed me the article from The Sydney Morning Herald Simply the Best by David Stonehouse.

By David Sifry’s count, there are more than 33 million blogs out there. He’s in a good position to know – he’s the founder and chief executive of Technorati www.technorati.com, a search engine for blogs

I’ve already been to six out of 10 of those blogs – not bad going when you consider there are still 32,999,990 to go. Enter your opinion on the SMH blog here. BTW watch Technorati, they play their cards right they will be the next ‘Google’ (0r, if you have been living on another planet for the last 5 years, the next ‘Microsoft’ or ‘IBM’). They’ve taken PageRanking and gone another step further with ranking and tagging. Oh and Blogrolling.com are another interesting bunch. Oh and so are Blogshares. Ok ok, I’ll stop now… *whispers* Del.icio.us.

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