1. According to Paul from Facebook in NZ, Facebook themselves call fan pages brand pages, and are trying to get brands to call them brand pages. But I guess the fan page thing stuck because of the “become a fan” button … however that’s set to change to “like” now.

    1. Facebook called them “Fan Pages” then changed them to “Pages” now want to kick the fans off and call them “Brand Pages”… that makes me a bit miffed 😛

  2. Quick look through my fan page collection and I’ve got 6 suggestions

    Tourism NSW: http://www.facebook.com/seesydney
    The Hangover: http://www.facebook.com/HangoverMovie (restricted to AU fans)
    Warner Bros Like? Love! (TV on DVD): http://www.facebook.com/warnerlikelove (restricted to AU fans)

    Non clients:
    AussieBum: http://www.facebook.com/aussiebum
    Havianas Thong Challenge: http://www.facebook.com/HavaianasThongChallenge
    Josh Pyke: http://www.facebook.com/joshpyke

    I’m disappointed that fans can only make groups now. If you had a bunch of fans who put in 110% effort for nothing at all, why would you dilute it with a brand-run page that probably barely has the budget to put in 10% of that effort? Insane.

  3. Thanks for another useful post Laurel. Wondering, where did these stats come from? I know of at least one with around 7000 fans that’s not on the list. But if the stats were, let’s say, 6 months old then that would be understandable. And I like your observation that numbers don’t mean a brand’s good at social media. There are techniques being used to get fans that are average at best.

    1. I used a tool that lists fanpages in order of number of members but international (uptodate from API) then clicked and checked the numbers myself. I had to read a thousand pages of lists to try and identify Australian brands. Vegemite is easy. But who is Josh Pyke? o.O
      so yes, uptodate numbers but I bet I’ve missed more than that one! Lemme know which one it is.

      1. Hi Laurel,
        Pink Sofa – an online community for lesbians established and still run from Adelaide – has reached over 10,000 fans: as of today it’s 10,620 in fact!
        All the best,

  4. Hi Laurel

    Great to see the Holden page listed.

    We’ve also got a Holden Motorsport fanpage, Holden Netball fanpage and the motorsport teams all have pages too. Toll Holden Racing has over 9000 fans… (you can find links to them all on the http://www.facebook.com/holdenaustralia favourites page)

    Also JayJays has about 45k followers.


    Andrea Matthews,
    Holden Social Media Lead

  5. ah I guess me getting excited that my website has 214 fans really doesn’t compare in the scheme of things haha… what the hell is the kangaroo and emu one?! Why is that so popular, kinda funny, but not that funny!!

  6. Erica

    I thought that there was something wrong with my computer (or my eyes) when I saw it. I am coming down on the side of loathing. Thanks for asking.


    This comment was originally posted onGirl With a Satchel

  7. Hi Laurel,
    breastANGELS is an Australian not for profit, we had just over 6000 fans (4000 Australian) as at the end of March! Just miss the top 100 but 6000 fans in less that 12 months!
    Regards, Reid

  8. Just thrilled that the McGrath Foundation Fan Page has made number 27 and in just under a year! We’d just like to say a massive thank you to everyone has become a fan and helped support the cause!

    Together, we CAN make a difference!

    PS – a massive congrats to the other 99 companies who made the list! 🙂

  9. What about these notable exceptions just from my own list of Aussie Fan Pages?

    Australia – 376,421 fans
    Sunshine Coast – 17,407 fans
    Queensland – 13,218 fans
    Noosa – 4,261 fans
    RockWiz – 3,088 fans
    Nautilus Gallery – 2,169 fans
    The Web Celeb – 1,726 fans
    The Difference – 747 fans
    The Homeopathic Coach – 417 fans

    1. hey tim, contrary to Ben’s lies on Twitter, I have not deleted your comment and I HAVE added InTheMix to the list.
      I am interested in what makes someone work with someone like Ben? Is it that he is so rude he appears knowledgeable? I think he does a lot of brand damage …

  10. These stats are not accurate … and the original post from Tim Hardaker on this blog pointing it out was deleted so I’m reposting it …

    for example… big day out (86,000), soundwave festival (40,000), future music festival official (24,000), top melbourne restaurants (24,000), stereosonic (16,000), onelove (16,000), art vs science (14,000), http://www.inthemix.com.au (12,000), tydi (11,000), sydney festival (8,000) – and that’s just look through fanpages i’m subscribed to.

    the list is kind of pointless – i’m not sure why it would be put together at all if it’s not done comprehensively.

    1. I’ve not deleted any comments.
      I wrote ” Oh, and in the spirit of “I don’t have to get them all right because I have the internetz to help me” please let me know of the one’s I missed.” – clearly collaborative list building is not your thing but snark is…?

      1. Laurel,

        I think there may be confusion as when you post a comment on your site, it’s not shown if it’s not on the current comments page.

        Perhaps remove paged comments, or fix it up so it’s clear that there are actually pages of comments to navigate to.

        cheers, Zac

  11. Hi Laurel,
    Great effort putting this list together!
    I started the facebook page for greenandgoldrugby.com in December, it’s just about to hit 1,000 and it would be great to see it on your list 😉
    Keep up the good work

  12. But good effort in starting to get this list together Laurel!! ;-P
    We all hope you keep it updated with all the extra feedback and additions that’s coming in because of it!!



  13. I don’t put much stock in lists, particularly ones done by people who lack certain social skills and pass themselves off as experts – and done really for vanity and traffic generation purposes.

    Also, the whole profession really needs to get away from a pure numbers game – quality over quantity should be the real goal.

    And what value are these pages delivering to the brands? Are they really engaged with consumers – or is it just a place where like minded people can congregate and talk about a common subject?

    This comment was originally posted oneGov AU

  14. somewhat pointless — all the numbers are historical, gathered over many years, eg. Steve Irwin (died 2yrs ago), most of these pages are just sample of Australian users at the time when these companies launched a promo page. this list gives no meaningful idea of what is currently of interest to Farsebook users, (which changes with the news) — Google stats is infinitely more insightful than this.

  15. Hi Michael,

    Laurel’s post specifies what the list is being used for – to help teach people how to use social media to deliver value (see my quote below).

    Your quantity versus quality comment runs into the issue that while we can clearly and (largely) unambiguously measure numbers, quantity; quality is subjective and hard to measure in a comparative fashion.

    Also the purpose of pages varies. Some are designed to allow like-minded people to congregate, some are designed to engage consumers. Each needs to be measured individually against its own goals.

    The value of a list is to help discover these pages – which then allows viewers to form their own views.

    Here’s the reason given for Laurel’s list:

    "I use this list to teach classes on social media. We go through some of the pages and evaluate how well they are doing. We also look at the pages that aggregate all their products and brands on multiple tabs on one page versus individual pages for each brand. What is their default landing tab for non-members? We look at engagement, competitions, regularity of updates, if they seem to have a preplanned diary or are winging it etc. How many have a clean URL how many don’t. We usually pick a few and see how it works as a Hub-and-Spoke (do they have Facebook links/widgets on their website?). There’s always big debate over the list and how well they are doing. Don’t forget – numbers change over time …"

    This comment was originally posted oneGov AU

  16. Hi Laurel,
    Great to see Hamish & Andy up there so thanks for including!
    Another one of our key show brands with a really engaged community is Kyle and Jackie O with 10,415 Fans
    Cheers and keep up the good work.

  17. Thank your for your time and effort. I also have a list with some of the Australian Facebook Fan Pages published. What I have observed though is that although there are some pages that are growing a lot in general terms not many Australians have been into “becoming fans”. I know our population is not as big as the American population but I still find that the participation is being very slow.

    I am also glad to see that so many comments on this Article, does it meant that there is a few of us who are really interested in this topic?

  18. Hey Laurel,

    in the spirit of collaborative list building and keeping the data fresh, the Optus fan page has over 13,000 fans at the time of posting this comment.

    Have you considered keeping this resource in a wiki format to make it easier to update and keep current? Just a thought.



    Online Community Manager, Optus

    1. Hey Laurel,

      still think this page would be better kept as a Wiki, but again, in the interests of keeping the list updated for all, Optus’ Brand Page on Facebook has 33,776 fans at the time of writing this comment.



      Online Community Manager, Optus

  19. Don’t think I can be doing very well with my fan page base on the criteria you go through but I’ve somehow managed to get about 170 “fans” anyway… My theory is that it’s better not to bug them than to drive them nuts with too many updates… Great to discover you this evening and meet another social media chick here in Aus:)

  20. Samboy Chips is a pretty big one you missed with 38,000 fans… and they rock so add them in !

  21. Might I suggest if you’re after research or more of a look at commercial page’s you ignore all the silly ones, such as the Hangoverm and things like that.
    I would love to see a recent update on this list, as all I have been able to do is scroll through the pages.
    As the creator of the Bubble O Bill Ice Creams page, I’m always interested in aussie pages and how they do on Facebook.
    Iv’e decided to begin a career in marketing after support and suggestions from the team at Streets.
    My site will be up soon and I will be available 24/7 to build web traffic for people’s companies and products.

    Best of luck to everybody,

  22. Also, feel free to contact me via facebook if anyone would like help with their page before my site is up! 🙂

  23. Danny Green has 140k and Matthew Hayden 30k. They’re both official.

    Harry Kewell has almost 400k.

  24. Hi

    There are tens of thousands of Australian pages with more likers than the bottom half of your list 🙂 They’re just quiet achievers 🙂

  25. Hi Laurel,

    Just wondering if you’ll be doing/or have done a 2011 top 100 list?

    Interested to see how things have changed in a year!

    Thanks in advance!

    Eleanor Garth
    Communications Manager
    McGrath Foundation

  26. Looks like the list needs to be updated again – how quickly pages grow! Most notably Australia now has over 2 million likes. Qantas is over 130,000. Virgin Australia should probably be on there too with over 100,000.

    It’s great to see how quickly they have all grown, however makes for big work to continually update the list.

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