1. So now I know the meaning of doof and psytrance … but I really don’t understand the rest.

  2. The journalist went to a forum, read that a couple of “doofers” said that Daneeka’s disappearance “must’ve been those deadbeats that showed up to the party” and then he cited the gossip as a pseudo insider story.

    Using gossip from an almost empty online community forum to give a ‘scoop’ on a disappearance/presumed murder is like giving credibility to a girl’s virtue based on what’s written on the school toilet walls. Wishful thinking plays a greater part than real facts.

    My main issue is that journalists are starting to beef up credibility for flaky investigative reporting by citing what forum posters in online communities say as if they are experts. It’s a growing trend and no more worthy of journalistic ethics than claiming ‘everyone knows he done it’ or ‘word on the street is…”. From the school of ‘no smoke without a flame’ journalism, the musings of 2 or 3 forum posters lacks credibility and yet the journalist implies that these kids have real information.

    I’m concerned that as journalists become aware that online communities are privy to conspiracy theories, they will cite them as ‘experts’ to improve tabloid circulation. Ack, I’m probably still not clear. I think I’ll give up. 🙁

  3. i am Daneeka’s mother and something is serious wrong at the Lismore Police Station
    and two of the Senior Police Officer I have dealt with are in charge of the Simone Strobel case
    go check that one out

    2 25 year olds both identified by dental records by the same officers

    both officers have lied to me infront of my lawyers

    now my lawyer is stuffing me around

    something stinks bigtime

    i am fighting for my daughter, but who is fighting for i dont believe her boyfriend killed her , just go ask him

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