Forums finger doof deadbeats!!11!!! So says David Braithwaite of the Sydney Morning Herald.

Forums on doof community websites such as and are buzzing with chatter about undesirable gatecrashers at the Good Friday, Amazing Sunday event.

Well I went to thread (for the Alien in every Australian) and there were 17 posts. That is not a lot. I post that many in an hour on my fave communities. The last post was from the admin. On the oztrance site, I found a thread with 64 posts but it had started as a general complaint against “kandy ravers”, not in direct response to Daneeka being missing. Nope, no inside information here. The thread Daneeka Nixon has 4 posts – one of which is rich saying

i think considering many of the quotes from this sydney morning herald article were gathered from oztrance and australiens it signals the fact that we need to be aware the media is using this as a resource now….

Yep, kiddo, you got it in one. And they won’t be respectful nor paint a clear picture either.

Daneeka Nixon is part of their community and the loss (if it is) would be felt by all. My problem is with SMH and their headline. “Forums finger doof deadbeats” is sensationalist and well, just plain yucky. This is not an Agatha Christie/Miss Marple cozy thriller nor a Girl Detective/Reporter Nancy Drew story. Its a real life, a real girl, a real tragedy and deserves real respect. Implying the forums are a hotbed of information and full of knowledgeable friends and fellow doofers willing to gossip and spill all is in bad taste. Let this doof community grieve in peace. Fer Shame.

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