Well, that didn’t take long. Google’s free service Blogspot is hosting Whats Sarah Thinking – a faux Sarah Palin blog.

What’s Sarah Thinking?
Sarah Palin’s secret diary of her life as a babe, mom, wife, and political animal

Sarah Palin, in case you missed out on recent news, is John McCain’s choice as running mate and possible Vice President in the upcoming American elections. Nicknamed Sarah Barracuda she is a funny mix of seemingly opposing ideaologies and activities.

It occurs to me that this is the user generated content version of political satire. Yes, I know it was obvious – I’m just a bit slow. We have had political writers and cartoonists in the past whos job was to make us laugh and grimace at the same time. Now we do it ourselves through anonymity, pseudonyms and self publishing.

Here is an example of members creating content around satire and politics:

Time magazine reports that as mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin wanted to ban books from public libraries.

well, actually, she did have a ban list (I think most libraries do, being the moral guardians of us all and to stop teenage boys from getting their hands on pornography) which encouraged a bunch of sites to put together the “list” – heres an example of a ‘banned’ book.
… if you missed the news that Sarah Palin’s teenage unwed daughter is 5 months pregnant, then WHOOSH this probably went over your head 🙂

No one can stop this – the list would just be copied and put on hundreds of sites. In fact that is already happening, as people find the whole thing tres amusing.

What can be done? Well, it would be helpful if Sarah had a genuine blog. With a bit of luck and Google SEO work, she could make sure her blog came top in searches for “Sarah Palin blog”. Instead of this one Welcome to the Palindrome. Anyone out there not think that Google Search is important? A blogger doesn’t need to respond to every comment – in fact top bloggers rarely have time to respond to comments at all. And a blog is such a great one-to-many marketing channel with fantastic control over the topic, tone and membership of the discussion.

What fake political blogs do we have in Australia? Or any profile ( Here’s ‘Sarah Palin” on Twitter. )- I loved the fake Paul Keating on Facebook – MySpace: Politicians and Controlling Your Identity. Should social networks take down fake famous people blogs? Is it satire or defamation? Some social networks are making a living out of allowing people to become famous people – Stardoll is one.

Who would you fake online – who do you think you could make funny, witty and be a bit creative with? I wish Margaret Thatcher was still around. Heh.