1. Technology could be a good thing but also has some major setbacks. Imagine if your the famous businessman gazillionaire etc. Marc Zucherberg, and your walking on the aisle of some random mall. A guy just picks up his phone and do a facial recognition and tweets or writes on his wall that he spotted Marc. Anything could happen. Worst if stalker or maybe a hired goon could manage to commit a crime.

  2. I find this to be amazing. I see it as something negative if people’s facial are being entered into a database without their consent. In some ways it is not too surprising as the facial recognition technology had already been out.

  3. To be completely honest I think facial recognition is annoying, I have it on my new laptop computer and it is more frustrating and painful than anything – I’m not sure I trust it’s accuracy either.

    I’ll stick to the simple username and password scenario myself…

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