Yuck, been waiting for this one. Though the story broke a few weeks ago, so you probably know about it:

Don’t let your heart be crushed by the latest Facebook exploit

Secret Crush virus spreading on Facebook

Malicious widget promises to reveal who fancies you

James Rivington

04 Jan 2008 12:36 GMT

A spyware-infested third-party widget on Facebook is spreading like wildfire. Like some kind of e-STI, the ‘Crush’ application is spreading malicious spyware to young hopefuls who’re looking to find love online.

The flirt widget makes use of an iframe hosted by Zango and sends you off to a site which asks you to download the ‘Crush Calculator’. What you really get is spyware, and that’s left thousands of hormone-ravaged teenagers sick with disappointment.

Virus on Facebook

The application claims to be able to inform Facebook users if someone has a crush on them. Even more insidious, the application asks you to send the invite to five friends before you can find out who your secret crush is. Security experts warn it’s been spreading faster than avian flu in Turkey. (more)

I got sent a spam about ringtone yesterday from a new friend. I wasn’t sure if he was a spammer but now I think he lost control of his account…

Hmmm, about that article in the Australian Financial Review last week, I guess we’ll see a bunch more companies lock out Facebook due to “security” concerns. After all, we know how email stops us from getting viruses… right? (*end sarcasm*)

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