Staff will talk:

Last week Virgin got a lot of publicity for firing ‘13 flight attendants for criticising the airline’s flight safety standards and describing its passengers as “chavs” on a social networking website’. (ZDNET)

Virgin on Facebook, BA on Facebook (apparently BA Customers are smelly and annoying), pilots on their forum – talking about who they have ferried around in their planes:

Who are your nicest Celebs?
“I have …

Cilla Black – she should be shot – quite possibly one of the most unpleasant individuals I have ever come across.”

Thank goodness it’s only the airline industry that is going to suffer from this. Not.

Soooo – how are your company’s internal Social Media Policies and Guidelines (try this post), training and workshops coming along? *insert Ad for uber-Laurel 1/2 day workshops* Christmas is going to be mayhem this year – all that time, all those social networks, what will your staff give you for Christmas? Heh.