1. I am frequently amazed at how often people online are a little too honest about interactions they have in the real world. I mean by their very nature, most of this stuff is public and available to most people (including those being discussed and referenced).

    I mean who knows… maybe that reporter intended to call you back but saw your tweet and decided against it. =P

  2. Like John I am also amazed at what people put on the internet.Next thing they know thier youtube video or myspace is on CNN. 🙂

  3. How little we value honesty in our dealings with other humans…

    Not sure I understand the comment about the reporter – I am much harsher on my blog (than on Twitter) about the negativity of the Press and usually turn down interviews. In all likelihood – as she wanted to talk about social networks going bust – I would’ve turned her down as well. But disconnecting midsentence didn’t give me much of a chance to change my mind 🙂 Anyway, the journos ignore the CC licence and print my blog posts anyway *sighs* .. and as faux interviews!

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