1. I do not get twitter. I am busy and just don’t need any more distractions.

    I like Facebook for what it is. Fun, irreverent and easy to use. Some of my blogging friends use it and it is a good way to communicate.

    Some of these social networking sites, you have to wade through multiple sites to get what you want. Facebook is pretty intuitive.

  2. Me too! I prefer Facebook to Twitter although I find Facebook’s interface clunky and layout cramped. But once you realise that it’s a profile on steroids, that becomes ok.

    People like to communicate in three ways and with 3 styles. They are: one-2-many, one-2-one, many-2-many. And synchronous, asynchronous and hybrid (RSS). Examples are: email and instant messenger (one-2-one and a/synch), blog and broadcast (one-2-many and a/synch) and the final two are forums (or virtual worlds to be groovier) and IRC. hybrids are anything choose to pull in instantly or else wait. twitter is one I guess.

    The best social networks offer the full range of services so that each individual can create and consume content in the way they want to whom they want, in a ‘time’ they want. Or else they offer one and do it really really well. 🙂

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