1. Hmmm, that’s interesting! I mean, no offense meant to the social network sites, I have a facebook account myself, but the emergency numbers are still the best numbers to call when in danger. If I were the parents, I’d instil that to the mind of my children.

    1. …and if your kids are playing down a drain – where they aren’t meant to go – do you think they will take the HUGE step of calling emergency? or do you think they will call a mate?

  2. I know the girls they were scared and embarrased,, wouldnt you be.
    Do you really think yourr parents would come running to you with open arms after that?? You idiots

  3. Google search “David Ireland”

    When a teen dials 000 the operator thinks its a hoax, demands to know the nearest intersection, and berates the caller for sounding hysterical.

    Read those David Ireland results and rethink your response. He was 14 when he died on a Blue Mountains hiking track because all his many calls to 000 were treated appallingly.

    1. that story made me cry.
      http://bit.ly/hwQYm <--- I tweeted the media article. So sad. Every kid should be given a GPS phone immediately. One their parents can check on a map for them.

  4. Hi LP – it is gutwrenching to read the transcripts of David’s calls for help.
    I am so sad for his parents thinking forever of him dying frightened and alone with only nastiness ringing in his ears.
    The Cave Clan girls knew where allies would be and where they would not.

    In an emergency, we are all pretty much alone, and this is only discovered after the experience of actually being a 000 dialler.
    .-= Ann O’Dyne´s last blog ..THE Rolling Stone =-.

    1. One of my very first jobs, at the then Telecom Australia was working Directory Assistance 013, and occassionally 000. I hated it, made me nervous… others took it less seriously. The switchboard back then was actually about 4 buttons. Red flashing to take the call, then other buttons to connect to other services. Nightmare, i always worried I’d press the wrong buttons. Most the time it was kids mucking aroundin telephone boxes. Remember them – broken or gone now.

  5. Hi people do you want to know the truth now, i know the girls an the real ages of those girls are 14y an a 20y old now do you feel sorry for them, now the truth comes out! Most kids or adults would have more sence, hit them with a big bill that might teach them a lesson well there ages got hidden hey 10y an 12y what a joke.

  6. How could the ages of the girls get badley mistaken as the 20y looks even older than her age an the 14y old girl is very old for her age always getting into trouble with the police for lots of differant offences the drains at hackem are well known by her as she has hidden down them before to hide from the police an shes never had trouble before lol i know the young girl she should pay for what she does! but the law lets her get away with it i feel sorry for the public for being told differant it would be ok if told the truth by the news so this kid will get away with it again lets feel sorry for them now lmao an who is footing the bill

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