downvote dislike facebook button

Facebook Trialling Downvote Dislike Button 2018 Algorithm

How will the Facebook algorithm take into account Facebook post dislikes? After all there is already a sad and an angry response.   Note that it is for public Facebook business page posts. Not rubbish your friends post up 😛

downvote dislike facebook button

Here come the trolls.

Facebook enabling Facebook Business Page Trolls?

“Facebook is trialing a downvote button that allows users to hide inappropriate comments and categorize posts using options such as “misleading” or “offensive.” The company says it’s not testing a dislike button but “exploring a feature for people to give us feedback about comments on public page posts.”

Just placing it here to track the changes in 2018 Facebook Algorithm FBO/SEO. Also: Brace Yourselves. 

BTW while the quote is from Facebook spokesperson about pubic page posts, the trial guinea pigs are seeing downvote on private memory posts and closed Facebook group comments, so who knows. Def not Facebook Inc!

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