Click on it to live vicariously through my friends (i.e. make the image larger).
Wanna keep an eye on your social network while surfing the net? Don’t want to have to keep checking mail or the actual Facebook site to see what shenanigans that mob are up to? Get the Facebook toolbar for Firefox! At a glance I can see that Lukas is drinking Cheryl‘s wine and Mike has stamina, Grant no taste :P, Rand Leeb-du Toit is using a web 2.0 app to talk about writing in a web 2.0 app about another web 2.0 app. That Megalicious has half a head. oops. And that it’s about time Peter had a shower. Heh.
But most of all, you can tell I have NO life, except to voyeur on my friends. So ADD ME NOW. Just remember to say that you read my blog – can’t have just any ol’ person as a friend, now, can I?

Not a bad toolbar, when all is said and done. When it comes to their application, Facebook shouldn’t have built in Visual, they shouldn’t have developed a slightly different markup language (Facebook Markup) and they definitely should of made everything RSS -ed. But developers are finding clever apps and tools to bring info in and out of Facebook, using their APIs. So get programming. šŸ™‚