What does Facebook Paid Subscriptions really mean? I don’t like my data being sold more than anyone but I recognise a free service has to monetise in some way. So offering ad-free Facebook subscriptions – which NO ONE will actually take at least long term – is an option. In most communities (bulletin boards, forums etc) ad free is an addon to the main upgrade (extra features) not the killer sales point of freemium to premium.

But offering Facebook paid subscriptions will stop the complainers. “If you don’t like tracking ads, pay a few bucks a week/month and it all stops”. I wonder what price point is privacy? Given most people hand over their data to supermarket loyalty cards to save 50c on coca cola, I’m thinking it’s pretty low.

What say you?

Footnote: the funny thing is that ad blockers and/or setting privacy to no ad tracking is currently an option. But so few do it. Go to https://www.facebook.com/ads/preferences/ but last time I checked, you can’t create business ads if you turn your personal settings off.

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