Malcolm Turnbull, without budgie smugglers

Malcolm Turnbull, Australian politician extraordinaire. Malcolm who blogs (oh ok, it’s his pets who blog, but we can’t vote for them). Malcolm, our soon to be Prime Minister, no? He-who-has-a-Facebook-page.

So the question is this:
Zombie or ….


you make a hot Vampire! Tell the world!

Decisions. Decisions.

Can’t be of-the-community yet apart-from-the-community can one? Embrace it or reject it. In the future, pollies will be judged by how well they embrace rather than use social networks. But it’s easy to forgive Malcolm any mistakes right at this point in time (even if he never gets bit) – he is doing collaborative communities the best simply because he is doing it first and the most – Andrew Bartlett notwithstanding. and is that Daisy Turnbull (daughter) for real on his wall. Hard to tell these days- ones pixel friends may not be who they seem. 😛