Facebook: Someone bite Malcolm Turnbull already!

Malcolm Turnbull, without budgie smugglers

Malcolm Turnbull, Australian politician extraordinaire. Malcolm who blogs (oh ok, it’s his pets who blog, but we can’t vote for them). Malcolm, our soon to be Prime Minister, no? He-who-has-a-Facebook-page.

So the question is this:
Zombie or ….


you make a hot Vampire! Tell the world!

Decisions. Decisions.

Can’t be of-the-community yet apart-from-the-community can one? Embrace it or reject it. In the future, pollies will be judged by how well they embrace rather than use social networks. But it’s easy to forgive Malcolm any mistakes right at this point in time (even if he never gets bit) – he is doing collaborative communities the best simply because he is doing it first and the most – Andrew Bartlett notwithstanding. and is that Daisy Turnbull (daughter) for real on his wall. Hard to tell these days- ones pixel friends may not be who they seem. 😛

Laurel Papworth

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12 thoughts on “Facebook: Someone bite Malcolm Turnbull already!

  1. OK, I’ve taken the bait, crossed the political divide, and friended my new mate Malc. Let’s see what comes of it…

  2. yeah, but have you “bitten the chump”? Enquiring minds want to know…

  3. Is Kevin Rudd on there too?
    Malcolm befriended me in 24 hours..good going stranger.

  4. @Steven If Malcolm was in his budgiesmugglers you wouldn’t be playing it coy, now wouldya *raises an eyebrow* nah don’t answer that, ppl will start twittering on(heh) about you ‘n Malcolm.

    @cat Dunno about Ruddy. I heard that Peter Costello had a page (or was it myspace? that’d be right, sooo last year) with NO friends. Poor love. But that it was a fake Peter.

    I once went through all 70-odd senators and searched to see if a) they had blogs and b) if they allowed comments. Buggered if I’m gonna do it on Facebook too. Happy for someone else to, though 🙂

  5. yeah it is actually Daisy (his daughter) on there… I’m 99.9% sure it’s malcolm too.

    Go Malcolm. He joined just before Kevin Rudd and has loads of friends… bet Kevin has none.

  6. Indeed. Uncle Kevin (Rudd) has … zero friends. He has removed the friends app, from what I can see. Which begs the question – what on God’s green earth does he think Facebook is for? Just another billboard to whack up some information on?

    I’m gonna go chomp on him. Steven can lick or nibble, but me, I’m taking chunks.

  7. Because I am a mean, stingy, grumpy old-lady-in-training, I sent them both Facebook FREE gifts. Kevin got the boxing gloves and Malcolm got a blue bucket (filled with Sydney Tap Water). Wasn’t that nice of me? Heh.

  8. “In the future, pollies will be judged by how well they embrace rather than use social networks.”

    … good god I hope politics doesn’t become *that* trivial … I’m sure people will still vote on policies rather than whether a pollie has a facebook profile or not 🙂

    (yes, i vote on policies, am I weird?)

  9. Yeah you are. 😛 If you don’t believe me, check out Hitwise. The most Googled searches are “kevin rudd’s wife” and “birthdays”. And wow! all that info is on Facecrack! Yay! 🙂

    Studies show that people judge politicians on a lot more than just the message – how they communicate the message is also high on the list. There’s a reason politicians kiss babies and it has everything to do with perception of how in touch they are with the great unwashed (i.e. you) and nothing whatsoever to do with Health, Education or Tax.

    I guess I’m just playing by THEIR rules. Am I allowed to engage in the discussion, how representative of me is the member, and so on. *shrugs* They are all much of a muchness. I’ll go for the cool, groovy polly thanks. (are there any?)

  10. hmm. it’s back now. I SWEAR, it went right to Gift box on the left, no Friends box. Poor Ruddy, I take it all back. just an app glitch I guess.

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