Want to monitor a Brand Page like CocaCola or  Facebook’s Marketing Page on iGoogle or another RSS reader?  It can be done but it’s not easy.


I went to Facebook.com/Marketing and wanted to pull the RSS feed into my social media monitoring dashboard. In this case iGoogle. But RSS is not enabled on the Page and even when I did a “View Source” I couldn’t find the feed for either RSS or ATOM.  So here’s what I did.

  • Go to Facebook.com/Marketing
  • Use your browser menu to “View Source”
  • Find “page.php?id=”
  • The first number you find should be the Page ID number.
  • OR Click Photos on left, then arrow over Show All: Photos (bottom status bar shows ID) e.g.

Now boot up your RSS reader e.g. iGoogle and add the feed in this format:


The last number in the format of XXXXXXXXXX is where you should place the page number, in this case id=74100576336 (tiny print at bottom of 1st screenshot).

Facebook don’t make it easy but this is how you add a Facebook Page to iGoogle. If you want the full wall, comments and everything, I have no clue but MetaPrime have listed the feeds below. If you own the Page, there seems to be a way to get all posts not just the Page owners, and I think there’s a separate RSS feed for notes. Have a hunt around.

EDIT: Found it! go to Use Facebook As Page, then click Notifications (View All). Now there is a RSS button on top of the page. “Get Notifications via RSS”.

Format should be something like (didn’t check, try Metaprime):

NOTES: http://www.facebook.com/feeds/notes.php?id=XXX&viewer=XXX&key=XXX&format=rss20
POSTS BY USERS http://www.facebook.com/feeds/notifications.php?id=208928465156&viewer=764868631&key=XXXXXXXXXXX&format=rss20
PERSONAL PROFILES http://www.facebook.com/feeds/notifications.php?id=764868631&viewer=764868631&key=XXXX-XXXX_XXX&format=rss20

If that means anything to you, comment away 🙂