1. Thank you for these tips. Facebook is really somewhat disgusting at the moment because nothing is really private anymore. If you register at facebook, your information is not yours but theirs and sadly, they’re doing anything and anyway they want with our personal information. So I am really thankful regarding this information you’ve shared. Let’s fight back.

  2. Thanks for the tip Laurel. I have very good reasons to keep my FB private, it’s for my family and close friends, although I do have a few close business associates on there too. I use Twitter and LinkedIn for business.

  3. There’s something kind of funny about the privacy scanner explaining that “your friends are protected from accidentally sharing your personal information” when with the same screencap you’ve told the world Nicole Jensen likes Reclaim Privacy.

    I don’t know… I kind of feel like everyone’s gone slightly mad. The Internet used to be more fun before everyone became inordinately privacy conscious.

    1. Yeah I cut out everything else deliberately but risked leaving her’s in as a) it was relevant and b) not very personal.
      I once got told off for using a screenshot of Facebook where other people’s details were revealed. Highlighting how very personal FB is, in my opinion.

      The world was more fun before we discovered privacy which is quite a modern concept. Of course so is hygiene… 😛

      1. And in some ways it really doesn’t matter how officially ‘private’ your Facebook settings are because anybody in your network can take a screen capture or just blab at any moment anyway. PROTIP: Don’t tell anyone anywhere where the bodies are buried… erm, so to speak. 😉

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