Facebook Question – Australia Network numbers

A bit of silliness – only special members that Facebook deem “whales” are allowed to go over 5000 friends.

Hmmmm, so the Australia network numbers are a bit confusing:

You are in one network.
You have 135 friends in Australia.
There are 908,376 people in the Australia network.
Change Region
Leave Network
(interesting, it increased a 1000 in 1.5 – 2 hours).

If you don’t choose a network, you won’t be included in this figure. And newbies to the site don’t always know to join the Australia network. Plus, you are only allowed one “region”network – so you can’t join Australia AND U.K. for example. But the new Facebook Flyers – like Google AdSense – says:

You are targeting about 1,498,320 people in Australia.

I assume targeting doesn’t mean with a gun? 😛

Anyway, are the additonal 590,000 or so members taken from identifying Aussie IP addresses, rather than relying on members choosing to join the Australia network ? The figure didn’t change over the last couple of hours, unlike the “network” one. I dunno, that’s a third (1/3) again – I’m pretty sure the advertising types might be interested in where that additional 1/2 million viewers come from… 😀

Laurel Papworth

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