1. I think what you are saying is very very true, from my worlds of the past and some of today, you can look at another designers work, and you can derive a lot from what they have done, about them, their tastes and methods and so on.

    Back in the ‘code by hand’ days of HTML, I worked with a large bunch of developer / designer types, and most of us could tell who coded what just by looking at the scripts they had writen. Each demonstrated their own signature style, or fingreprint if you will.

    So to me it seems perfectly reasonable that in this new space, with so many people doing things on social sites through their profiles home pages, blogs etc… sure, why wouldn’t they express who they are. Albeit unintentionally, but that’s just a manifestation of their ‘style’.

    Perhaps ultimately, isn’t that one of the things that makes all these things really great?

  2. Hi Laurel, I’d so love to watch this video but can’t get it to play: have tantalising freeze-frame glimpses all the way through but no sound and no moving pictures. Is it possible news.com.au doesn’t like Firefox?

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