Is it ok to post “First Day Back to School photos” on Facebook? Who will see them? Is it safe – or just “normal”? 

This morning School Kids across Australia are whining and whinging and generally getting antsy. Lunches made, new books packed in new school bags, iPads for those Santa thought were “nice”, crappy laptops for those he didn’t, First Day Back At School photos to be taken and posted on Facebook… Three lads in school uniform

Hold on a minute. Do you really want your little darling’s face & body, with the school they go to, and a handy take-out guide of what they look like dawdling on their way home from school posted up on a public site? Did you share it only with the “Family” list on Facebook? Or was it Public? Do/Don’t care? Global Village vs CyberPrivacy? You tell me.

I’m just glad your brats aren’t under my feet at the mall anymore. I’m going shopping. Heh.

The photo is from the 1930’s. No Facebook then. No decent socks either…

Things to consider: risk assessment (low risk, high risk), the invisible audience (who is watching, how do you know), are you taking privacy away as a choice for kids when they get older (their life is already online cos mum put up there), perhaps there’s a safety pointer too – everyone will know what your kids look like, and the “global neighbourhood village” will come into play, as a crowdsourced “Net Curtain Flicking”. LOL. You tell me.

Remember: if you don’t post photos of your kids, the idiot next door at the birthday party will. And tag them on facebook with what school they go to, and what sports they play.